Neoregelia “Margaret” TH-BC9614


A large tricolored bromeliad with a blushing centre.

Neoregelia “Manoa beauty” TH-BC9614


Big green brom that flushes red like a giant Rio Grande!

Neoregelia “Cumbia” TH-BC9614


Vivid pink tricolor bromeliad, broad arching leaves marginated cerise…

Neoregelia “Cats Meow” TH-BC9614


Striking large bromeliad, dark green to bronze green leaves with dark…

Neoregelia “Cat Man Do” TH-BC9614


Striking large bromeliad, deep green leaves with dark banding.

Neoregelia “Zelia” TH-BC9614


Medium to large bromeliad, white edges to the leaves, mid leaves turn…

Vriesea rafaelii CO-FE5586 (sml)


Vriesea rafaelii is a big bromeliad, wide leaves form deep water…

Guzmania conifera CO-FF5586


These are the wild form of G.conifera not the garden centre…

Goudaea (Vriesea) ospinea var gruberi CO-FF5586


Goudaea (Vriesea) ospinea var Gruberi is a cultivar of the standard…

Neoregelia “Compacta” CO-FE5586


Medium to large emerald green brom that develops a red centre as it…