Elatostema salvinioides


Elatostema salviniodes is a slow growing epiphyte from Indo China.

Labisia sp “1”


Labisia is a tropical plant native to Southeast Asia and is known for…

Sonerila sp “Skinwalker”


Super easy to propagate, throws runners almost as easily as a spider…

Labisia “Snake skin” NL-RU0524


Aka Ardisia obovatifolia. A slow growing tropical Primulaceae from…

Argostemma sp Dots NL-RU0524


A rare terrarium plant with strikingly marked leaves. Originating…

Neoregelia “Margaret” TH-BC9614


A large tricolored bromeliad with a blushing centre.

Neoregelia “Manoa beauty” TH-BC9614


Big green brom that flushes red like a giant Rio Grande!

Neoregelia “Cumbia” TH-BC9614


Vivid pink tricolor bromeliad, broad arching leaves marginated cerise…

Neoregelia “Sirius” TH-BC9614


Lovely small bromeliad, similar to toy tiger but blushes hot pink to…

Neoregelia “Hannibal Lector x Punta” TH-BC9614


Lovely small to medium brom, like a smaller version of Havana or…