Terrarium Specialists

Here at Fantastic frogs we pride ourselves on our experience designing, building, theming and maintaining fantastic terraria. As terrarium technology advances we are able to create better and better terraria. Our aim is to offer our customers the support and products needed to create a natural habitat in a captive environment.

Amphibian Experts

Amphibians have always had a special place in our lives, whether as jumpy garden inhabitants or the focus of our hobbies. over the years we have both kept dozens and dozens of dendrobatid frogs. For Ben this became a career and has allowed him to work with other species of amphibians, from tiny Golden Mantellas (Mantella aurantiaca) to giant Mountain chickens (Leptodactylus fallax) this career has taken him to the volcanic mountain ghauts in the Caribbean to the fragmented forests of Madagascar as well as the jungles of Central America, home to many of the dendrobatid frogs we keep today.

For Craig it was more of a hobby that got out of hand and culminated with an expedition deep into the Peruvian Amazon where he discovered frogs never before seen, one of these the Varadero or Jeberos mimic poison frog (Ranitomeya imitator) he collected and passed to researchers in Peru for scientific description.

World Class Facilities

With over 100 vivaria for Dendrobatid frogs, Tree frogs, Geckos and Anolis we have one of the largest breeding facilities of its kind in the UK and this doesn’t include our greenhouse and live food room!

Each room is equipped with remote access data loggers monitoring temperature and humidity within not just the room but the habitats themselves. This is supported by wifi enabled controllers for lighting irrigation ventilation as well as heating.

Based in the hills above Eglwysbach with views of Eryri National park (Snowdonia) we face some pretty extreme weather but when the clouds part and the drizzle retreats we have some of the most spectacular views of the North Wales coast and mountains you can find.

Super Products

As part of our growing collection we have frequently dealt with suppliers from all over the globe and this has given us a range of products which we feel are perfect for the Dendrobatid frog keeper, from our distribution deal with Ranarium to our bromeliad contacts in South America we aim to be able to supply you with some fantastic products for your viv. Over the last few months we have been working hard to become certificated for the importation of plants as well as the issuing of plant passports allowing us to supply plants from growers all over the globe.