This is where you’ll find all our free stuff, as time goes on we aim to add downloadable care sheets, more detailed husbandry guidelines as well as all of our enclosure labels!

Species Enclosure Labels

Over the last few months we have been creating labels for our enclosures, trying our best to get half decent images and researching information long forgotten. and now we have close to 70 labels and counting. A few people asked us about getting them so we thought lets give them away! We have also created a couple of reverse sides where you can jot down information. Anyway click and download and if we don’t have the species send us a message and we’ll try to add them.

If you don’t have a printer we can print them for you just take a look at our merchandise in the shop.

Species Care Sheet

A bit like the labels we have been writing care sheets for the species we keep, once I’m happy they aren’t rubbish I’ll post links here and feel free to have a look, just promise to remember these are the ways we have found work well for us and certainly aren’t the only way.

Dendrobates Auratus Care Sheet
Dendrobates Tinctorious Care Sheet
Oophaga Pumilio Care Sheet
Ranitomeya Imitator Care Sheet

After almost ten years working with this species I (BB) was able to contribute to this document Black-eyed Leaf Frog EAZA Best Practice Guidelines the first immersive description of the species in captivity.