Palm Flower


These are nice, reckon they'll look great in a big viv with some palm…

Palm pods


These small to medium pods are chopped open to extract the seeds…

Tala palm pod


Big fibrous leathery pods that'll probably dry hard in a dry…

Coconut flower stems


Gnarled twig like stems of coconut palm flowers, when soaked relax…

Dergea pod


Scoop like segments of the Dergea tree seed pods, slightly suede like…

Arjuna pods


Small angular seed of the Terminalia arjuna tree, a close relative of…

Casuarina Cones


The cones of the Asian Native pine make great additions to the…



like a giant chapeuzihno pod, but 12-15cm across and solid, makes…

Palm Ring/Curl


The split inflorescence of a tropical palm, packs of 3

Nut n seed pod mix


A selection of several small seed pods and nuts. Perfect for a…