This is where you can find links to all sorts of froggy things, from our favourite frog resources to Dart frog conservation projects and wider amphibian conservation links. if anyone has a great site they think we should link to let us know and we’ll have a look.

Useful poison frog resources

The following batch of links are all good places to look for info and help on Poison frog facts and husbandry advice.

Vereniging ( you can’t have a poison frog links page without the gifkikkerportal, the Dutch hobbyists society, they produce a regular magazine  (in dutch, but the pictures are lovely) and support numerous projects as well as being a great source of info. this is one of my favourite pages (BB) its German and has huge amounts of info on captive management and wild data for a huge amount of species.

Ranitomeya a great spot for info on the different origins of populations in the hobby, plus good info on husbandry and breeding of Ranitomeya species.

Dendrobates tinctorius population map | just for interest this is a map by a field researcher looking at hobby recognised morphs alongside actual locality data.

(235) Troy Goldberg’s Tropical Garage – YouTube The man the legend, a link to troys you tube channel definitely worth a watch for honest personal advice on keeping frogs, building vivs, a bit of everything relating to the hobby.

The following links all direct you to poison frog conservation projects, and places where you can donate to the conservation of our (and hopefully your) favourite frogs.

Active Conservation Alliance – The active conservation alliance was established to co-ordinate a series of projects in Colombia focusing on poison frogs, there habitat and the communities around them.

Centro Jambatu de Investigación y Conservación de Anfibios ( Centro Jambutu is a multi taxa research facility conducting conservation research projects in Ecuador for Ecuadorian amphibian species and populations.

Regenwald in Peru – Plant for Future this is the Ranitomeya fantastica Nominal habitat conservation project supported by Dendrobatidae Nederland.

REVAFROG – Sitio Web del Centro de Conservación REVA ( Reva are a Venezuelan based NGO focused on amphibian conservation, they maintain an ex-situ breeding facility for  the Dendrobatidae Mannophryne collaris (brown jobs Ben likes), this is there blog check them out of Facebook as well.

These links are a more mixed batch of amphibians in general, maybe some travel links, links to exhibitions or zoo’s with particularly good amphibian collections that sort of thing.

AmphibiCast – Podcast – Podtail available wherever you get your podcasts pretty much, Amphibicast is well respected and definitely worth a good listen.

Home – Madagasikara Voakajy ( an NGO very close to my heart (BB) having worked alongside them since 2013 on Golden Mantella conservation efforts, they do great stuff check out their site.

Home – Panama Wildlife Conservation Panama wildlife are an organisation focused on conservation of Panamas biodiversity. they also offer great lead expeditions, and if we ever have time to organise one ourselves it will be partly in conjunction with them.

Vivarium – Manchester Museum The vivarium gallery at Manchester museum houses a specialised collection of amphibians and reptiles, with large planted and themed displays you can get close to Panamanian Harlequin toads (Atelopus varius), Slyvias Leaf frogs (Cruziohyla sylviae) Fiji Iguanas (Brachylophus fasciatus) and much more and its free!

Visit Chester Zoo i might not work there anymore but the amphibian collection is pretty amazing, from lake Titicaca frogs (Telmatobius culeus) to Amazon poisonfrogs (Ranitomeya amazonica), Mountain chickens (Leptodactylus fallax) to Waving frogs (Staurois parvus) the amphibian collection is diverse, and don’t forget to visit the Butterfly house for one of the largest displays of free ranging Trinidad stream frogs (Mannophryne trinitatus) in the world.

Following on from one of our social media posts we got a fair few inquiries about where we got our newest glass vivs made, the answer is Custom Aquarium – Fantastic Frogs