Asplenium daucifolium “fine”


Incredible fern, looks a bit like a delicate tiny tree fern!

Philodendron camposportoanum DE-20230818


Medium sized vining philodendron from Brazil, the juvenile form has…

Rhapidophora korthalsii “Narrow” DE-20230818


These are new to us but look like awesome shinglers, the elongated…

Anthurium scandens DE20230818


A medium sized Anthurium found in Central and northern South America.…

Billbergia “Casa Blanca TH-AEP110324


Striking pale Billbergia with lemon yellow spotting on green to…

Billbergia “Darth Vader” TH-AEP110324


Ashy Black, silver bands epic name what's more to say???

Neoregelia “Multicolor” TH-AEP110324


A nice red medium sized brom covered in spotting that ranges from the…

Neoregelia “Fireball hybrid” TH-AEP110324


A Super fireball hybrid! same rich colour and only slightly larger…

Neoregelia “Black Ball” TH-AEP110324


A great small upright brom with a dark green colour that blushes to…

Neoregelia “Hybrid Marmorata” TH-AEP110324


These Hybrid marmorata are great small to medium sized versions of…