Test Product


PureFoods Tadpole diet


Our PureFoods tadpole diet has been developed as a broad-spectrum…

H2Ok 95ml


H2Ok is a tap water dechlorinator designed to make your tap water…

Golden Kokoe Poison frog, Phyllobates aurotaenia


These are sub adult Yellow form Phyllobates aurotaenia. Teseros de…

Asplenium daucifolium “fine”


Incredible fern, looks a bit like a delicate tiny tree fern!

Philodendron camposportoanum DE-20230818


Medium sized vining philodendron from Brazil, the juvenile form has…

Rhapidophora korthalsii “Narrow” DE-20230818


These are new to us but look like awesome shinglers, the elongated…

Anthurium scandens DE20230818


A medium sized Anthurium found in Central and northern South America.…

Billbergia “Casa Blanca TH-AEP110324


Striking pale Billbergia with lemon yellow spotting on green to…

Billbergia “Darth Vader” TH-AEP110324


Ashy Black, silver bands epic name what's more to say???