Anthurium scandens DE20230818


A medium sized Anthurium found in Central and northern South America.…

Marcgravia sintensii NL-D100082


Marcgravia sintensii is a lovely vibrant shingler, sometimes known as…

Anthurium bakeri DE20230818


This strap leaved Anthurium is one of my favourites (BB) long green…

Dendrobates auratus “Reticulated”


CB2021/22 one of the smaller morphs of the green and black poison…

Dendrobates auratus “Karabik”


CB2021/22 often referred to as Costa Ricans or Nominat auratus the…

Dendrobates auratus “El Cope”


CB2022 adult pair of this stunning Turquoise blue and black frog.

Dendrobates auratus “Pena Blanca”


CB2022 As an adult these are perhaps the most striking of all the…

Dendrobates auratus “Colon”


CB2021 this unusual locality is found in Colon province, Panama. With…

Misting nozzle – replacement nozzle insert


These replacement nozzle inserts come in several different sizes for…

Fantastic Frogs Bumper sticker


290mm long bumper sticker made from hard wearing vinyl with…