Philodendron camposportoanum DE-20230818


Medium sized vining philodendron from Brazil, the juvenile form has…

Rhapidophora korthalsii “Narrow” DE-20230818


These are new to us but look like awesome shinglers, the elongated…

Philodendron sodiroi NL-D100082


Philodendron sodiroi passes a resemblance to P.brandtianum, in that…

Anthurium crystallinum silverblush NL-D100082


A stunning cultivar of Anthurium crystallinum, noted for its more…

Rhapidophora hayi DE-20230818


The shingle plant, Rhapidophora hayi is a native to Northern…

Anthurium crystallinum NL-D100082


A stunning leathery leaved Anthurium with dark leaves with silver…

Epipremnum pinnatum “Cebu blue” NL-D100082


Silvery blue leaved variant of the rampant climber, if cut back…

Syngonium podophyllum “Maria” NL-D100082


Beautiful orangey red leaves and a running climbing habit make this a…

Syngonium rayii NL-D100082


Beautiful dark green leaves with silver venation and a running…

Monstera adansonii NL-D100082


Mini plants of this holey climber, in 6cm pots