Tillandsia tectorum CO-FE1246


Small to medium sized grass like airplant with silver/white fluffy…

Tillandsia melanocrater CO-FE1246


Medium sized grass like airplant with grey green leaves, producing…

Tillandsia jonesi CO-FE3542 (clump)


A small purple green airplant that forms clumps, nice in the upper…

Tillandsia ioantha vanhyningii CO-FE3542


This sought after variety of T.ioantha has more succulent leaves…

Tillandsia fuchsia var gracilis CO-FE3542


Small fluffy looking airplant.

Tillandsia capitata var Red CO-FE3542


Nice small to medium sized airplant good as a houseplant but also in…

The Neotropical Treeboas: Natural history of the Corallus hortulanus complex


An overview of the biology of the species complex of the neotropical…

Syngonium rayii NL-D100082


Beautiful dark green leaves with silver venation and a running…

Syngonium podophyllum “Maria” NL-D100082


Beautiful orangey red leaves and a running climbing habit make this a…

Selaginella erythropus DE-20230818


Dark green with red undersides this is a delicate looking…