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Currently we are shipping predominantly through the royal mail, however alternate shipping methods will be added as they become available to us.

Currently no, however shipping can be arranged on a bespoke basis, email us via our contact page to get a quote.

Apart from during periods of extreme weather or high ;load (christmas etc) we would expect shipments to arrive within 2 working days of shipping.

Currently we can accept bank transfers or Paypal but other payments will be available shortly.

simple, add it to the cart and go from there!

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Its a tricky question and the answer is even trickier, if you spend enough time researching your species then they are almost all suitable for a first poisonfrog, but the research can be tricky. Join groups on social media, read articles, books web sites, blogs, everything you can before making your decision but to make it easier for your self there are several species that are extremely well documented and these are probably the best ones to start with. The husbandry and care of the genus Dendrobates is well known as is that of Epipedobates anthonyi and Phyllobates vittatus making them some of the easiest to research and most widely kept species.

Oophaga pumilio "Guarumo"
Dendrobates auratus Microspot patternless
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