Important Livestock Information

At the moment we cannot ship any livestock. All orders need to be collected in person within 14 days of purchase. If you are collecting livestock from us please remember that these are tropical animals and require a stable environment when being transported. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure these animals are transported safely as we cannot accept liability once the animals have left our facility. We suggest using a polystyrene box and travelling straight to the animals destination once collected. In cold weather we may ask customers to reschedule collection or utilise heat packs.


As we are trying to establish the business we are having to balance the pressures of the retail side against the requirements of the animals themselves. This means that for the time being we are only shipping orders on Tuesdays and Thursdays, if you need something desperately we will do our best to accommodate this, but please send us a message via our Facebook page to draw our attention to your order. If needs be we can then try to get your order shipped outside of the stated days.

08/08/2022 Shipping Update: due to changes in the operating hours of the royal mail sorting office we will be shipping out on a Wednesday morning for the next few weeks whilst we organise a new packing and shipping system, we will keep this updated as things change.

We have taken the decision to move our shipping over entirely to Royal Mail Tracked, this means we are able to monitor the shipping and can give you a better idea of when and where your orders are. However we will not be held responsible for damage caused during shipping, where possible we will attempt to negotiate refunds or replacements with the carrier on the behalf of the customer but some items may not be covered, unfortunately live foods damaged during transport are some of these items and as such are shipped at buyers risk (see also “Cold weather” below).

Some of the products in our webshop will be shipped directly from the manufacturer, this helps us in terms of stock management but also reduces contact time and handling reducing the risk of coming in contact with the dreaded C word (Covid) as well as reducing the travel carbon footprint. If one of your orders arrives missing items just let us know but there is a high chance that it is coming to you direct!

Plant orders

The picture used on the website is indicative of the plant you will be receiving, however depending on growing season  the sizes may differ from those in the image, please make sure you check the pot size on the product description to give you an idea of the plants size. Colour and pattern may also be different from the image shown, we receive plants throughout the year and the light intensity can alter the appearance depending on time of  arrival etc.

Although we package our plants as carefully as possible and mark the boxes clearly you may receive plants with some minor damage, this is normal and should not affect the plant once planted. If you receive a damaged plant we will always ask for a photo and may request you return the plant to us for a full refund.  We cannot be held responsible for the way the parcel is treated by the courier but will endeavour to replace the items if we can show evidence of the damage caused during shipping so please if your shipment arrives in a poor state photograph it and send us the images we will then take it up with the courier.

You will notice that your plant packages will be marked with a plant passport label, this is a requirement of all online plant sales, and is used to track reportable plant disease outbreaks by APHA, you are not required to keep hold of these plant passports, and the likely hood of tropical terrarium plants carrying reportable diseases is minimal but you may wish to keep them as this would then allow easy tracking of the plant back to source should there be an issue.

And lastly, we maintain our plants in a chemical free environment as the destination of the plants frequently involves delicate amphibians and reptiles this does however mean we cannot guarantee there won’t be any hitchhikers on your plant so please remember to carefully wash your plant off prior to introduction to the vivarium, check the roots and soil for slug eggs, we would also suggest you quarantine your plants for several weeks before introducing them to the vivarium.

Cold weather

All plants and livefoods produced at our facility need to remain unfrozen! as such during certain times of the year when the weather demands it, we may need to delay shipping or charge for heat packs, insulation etc. If you are aware of poor conditions we would appreciate it if you add a heat pack to your order, if you forget we may remind you, this may cause further delay to the shipping of your order.

If you have any enquiries please contact us.

Thank you.